Our Community is Here for You!

At Forma Fortis, we aim to work with your local community to offer you support on your road to success. From Success Stories to Events to Filtering Through all of the information out there, we are here for you!

Check Out How We Do It!

Success and Testimonials

Who better to tell you what to expect and what Forma Fortis can do for you?  We aim for 100% Customer Satisfaction and look forward to having you apart of our success stories!

Articles and Blogs

There is always new information coming out to help you with your Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Mind.  Our team of coaches is here to help filter out the best information and bring it to you.  With each and every new fad for your workouts and diets, we aim to take the guess work out of the equation for you!


If you are training with us at your work, a gym, or personal training, we want to give you the chance to mingle and have fun with our community.  We are all on this health and fitness journey together and why not enjoy it with each other!  Look out for our hikes, social events, and more!


MYZONE is our tool to help keep you motivated and connect with your coaches and community.  Through MYZONE you can connect with other Members of Forma Fortis, get expert coaching based on your workout results, and see your progress real-time!  The MYZONE network and heart-rate monitor take your workout from counting steps to getting results!