Coach Nick

When people ask me what I like to do, my simple answer is “I like to help”.  With over 11 years of Personal Training experience, I have worked with everyone from kids to older adults from people new to fitness to elite level athletes.  With my experience and a degree from CSU Fullerton, in Kinesiology, I have the background to work with anyone to help them improve their health, fitness, and performance.  By focusing on you and your goals, I can set you up on a plan to achieve success and feel confident doing it! 

I was always a stocky kid growing up, but I loved being active and playing sports.  From hiking and walking to competing in basketball, wrestling, and MMA; my life has always been surrounded around movement.  However, that doesn’t mean I have always been healthy and happy with where I was at during every moment.  As I focused on my career of managing health and fitness departments, I quickly got out of shape and was easily 50lbs over my desired weight.  Since quitting that job and focusing on my passion to help others learn how to live a healthy life and improving their performance, I have refocused on my Strength, Nutrition, and Mind.  My goal is to have a strong, healthy quality of life with great habits and consistent motivation.  I want to travel the world with my wife, Adela, and the work I put in today will support that long active life!

Interested in working with me?  I believe in accepting ourselves as who we are and making sure we have a growth mindset in place.  As we appreciate what got us to where we are today, we focus on the process and little steps it takes to transform our lives.  By balancing Strength Training, Cardio Health, Nutrition, and Mental Health we can give ourselves the best shot at succeeding for the long term.  Nothing happens overnight but with a balanced plan and positive motivational support we can climb the mountain and get comfortable always improving little by little.  Oh yeah, and my workouts can be pretty tough…but we take it slow and increase our effort as we feel ready to push.  The fighter spirit I have won’t let me quit and I am excited to work with those with a similar mindset!

If you are interested in learning more and taking the steps to improve, feel free to shoot me an email,

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