Forma Fortis is built to make health and fitness convenient and community driven to give you the best shot at achieving your goals.

Our approach is to bring scientific-principles to strengthen your Physical Fitness, Nutrition, and Mind.  After setting your goals, we help you setup your personalized plan to achieve them!

Our comprehensive approach for the community is focused on helping our community find high-quality options to living your strongest life.  We realize how busy our day-to-day lives can be, but we aim to educate and assist wherever is convenient for you!

Forma Fortis Health and Fitness

Founded in Long Beach, CA in 2019.  Forma means “form, shape, or beauty” while Fortis means “strong, power, brave, or courageous”.  We are here to help our community find its Strongest Form!

Meet Our Coaches!


To help people find the healthy life they want to live. We aim to make health and fitness options accessible to anyone while supporting with positivy.

Personal Training
Small Group Training
Corporate Wellness
Athletic Performance
Fitness Consulting


All of coaching and programs are unique to you!  We are here to help you set your goals, educate you on the best way to achieve them, and keep you accountable and motivated to give you the best chance of success.

Physical Fitness

We balance Strength, Cardiovascular, Mobility, and Recovery Training to help you get the results you want while improving your health and decreasing your chance of injury.


We help you find the right food to give you the energy you need to live the life you want.

Forma Fortis Mind


We work with you to help you find your motivation, set your goals, and help you create the habits need want to succeed.


We are committed to always putting our customers first.  We believe in always treating others as we would want to be treated!


  • Customer Service and Experience
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Having a Growth Mindset
  • Building a Community of Support
  • Accept and Appreciate