Forma Fortis

Welcome to Forma Fortis! A fitness company founded on a simple goal: To bring a positive health and fitness experience to our customers.  Each and every one of us has a unique journey when it comes to our fitness life.  Some of us are athletes, some of us just enjoy working out, and some of us have no connection with health and fitness other than we know it is important to our health.  It is no secret though; eating right, working out, and other lifestyle choices will help us live a better quality of life.  It can even help prolong our life by minimizing our risk of developing a chronic disease such as Obesity and Diabetes.  Then how come it isn’t as easy as that? 


It is no secret that America is facing a health epidemic.  Even with all the fitness options available, obesity and diabetes rates are continuing to rise, and life expectancy and quality of life are decreasing (Source: Gallup and Sharecare, CDC).  These diseases are continuing to rise even with the increase in wearable fitness technology, boutique fitness options, and a gym on every corner.  After over a decade in the fitness industry, we have seen members come and go in the larger gyms.  We empathize with you and the awkward experience that typically occurs when signing up for a gym membership.  From high pressure sales, to improper instruction, to the hassle of cancelling after an unpleasant experience.  Also, when looking at fitness marketing and who traditionally goes to a gym, it seems as if you need to already be in tip-top shape to go to a gym.  The whole experience can be quite intimidating for those who have finally made the decision to start improving their health.

Once you’ve made the decision to start moving forward toward doing something good for your health, what should you do?  With the rise of HIIT training and Step Counters, consumers are getting very different opinions on what it takes to be healthy.  Workouts are either not enough or too hard and unsustainable.  Depending on where you are in your journey, there can be a much higher risk of injury which can put a road block in achieving your goals (Source: J Sports Med Phys Fitness).  There are so many options for consumers to choose from with very little emphasis put on an individual’s goals or health history.  Should I go do machines at the gym, do a difficult cardio session at a local boutique gym, run outside – how do I know what’s best for me to reach my health and fitness goal?  The options are limitless.  When you go on the internet to research what you should do, there are a lot of very passionate opinions of the best method or the best diet.  But which one is right for you?

That is where Forma Fortis comes in!

For anyone interested in joining the Forma Fortis family we believe it is essential for you to first know our Values:

  • Customer Service and Experience
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Having a Growth Mindset
  • Building a Community of Support
  • Accept and Appreciate

We will be educating on physical fitness, nutrition, and the mind to help our members live their best life.  With highly educated and certified staff, we bring tried and true facts and science to help our members navigate the immense amount of information out there and determine what’s best for them.  We want you to feel comfortable getting started and then slowly we will get you comfortable being uncomfortable to push yourself past where you currently are.  With the right balance of fitness, nutrition, and mental focus we can help you set and achieve the goals most important to you.  We believe in a balanced approach to help you improve your health and fitness. 

As we focus on your physical fitness, we monitor and balance your strength, cardio, mobility, and recovery to help you increase your strength and improve body composition.   All while we help you focus on staying healthy with a focus on injury prevention.  We believe that many different types of workouts and exercises are important to help you get to your goals.  No one workout will get you everything you need and no one workout is better than another.  The balance between different workouts, amounts of exercise, and varying intensities is how we build your program to help maintain a consistent forward momentum toward your goals.

We encourage and teach that nutrition is all about making small, healthy choices throughout the day and by focusing on food as energy.  We focus on promoting a nutrient dense diet and we have found that eating foods high in nutrients promotes health and can be beneficial in moderating your calories in order to meet your goals.  We also separate nutrition from our fitness goals.  We have found it is best to not sacrifice one for the other but do your best on each individually. 

And last but not least, we encourage working on the mind.  We use several methods including Stress Management, having a Growth Mindset, Goal Setting, and Motivation to give you the best opportunity possible to enjoy the process of improving your health and living your best life!

So Why Forma Fortis?

In Latin, Forma Fortis means Strong Form.  However, both words have more than one meaning which we hope you can connect with.  Forma also means shape and beauty, while Fortis also means brave, powerful, and courageous.  We are about working with you to find and become your Forma Fortis.  In the midst of the busyness of your everyday lives we are here to help you get the health and fitness support that you need to learn healthy behaviors and push yourself to the next level.  Whether you are just starting on your journey, a seasoned veteran, or don’t even think about your health; we are here for you.  We understand the importance of starting from wherever you are to help change your behaviors to live a stronger life.  We are here to establish a local community where you have the positive support you need to continue pushing forward on your journey.  We know that in America, we have a health epidemic on our hands, and it may be difficult to choose healthy options but with the right mindset and coaching we can help you choose the journey that works best for you.

Our goal of helping the community is done by offering different services that are convenient for our members.  This includes Personal Training, Small Group Training, Corporate Wellness, and Athletic Performance.  All of our coaching is meant to be incorporated wherever our customers live their lives.  So, if you have a job you would like to see healthy options made available, your apartment complex, or even at you or your kid’s school we can be of service.  We know that with how busy we are it can be tough to make the daily choices to live the healthy life we want but when it is incorporated throughout our day it is easier for it to become our good habits.

And we like to have fun!  We are not just here to work out all day every day.  We want our workouts, challenges, events, and social gatherings to help encourage you to enjoy your healthier life and to be the support system for others.  We know that it’s easier to live a healthier life when our friends and family are involved, and our community is here to foster that.  Everyone is at a different place in their journey, but our professionals are sensitive to each individual’s path and will encourage you each step of the way.

What’s Next?

If you are interested in finding out more information, feel free to give us a call at 833-MYFORMA or emailing us at  Also feel free to sign up for our newsletter to begin to help yourself start your journey to a Stronger Self!